T.H.E. Pack UAP

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T.H.E. Pack UAP

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T.H.E. PACK UAP by SPEC.-OPS. is a 3-pockets-backpack, here: in black made of the most robust 1000Den Cordura Nylon 6/6.-

Zip fasteners of the basic subject and the big exterior compartment are YKK no. 10 Zippers, upper part of T.H.E. PACK UAP is double-layered to give the handle enough stability in every situation; 2 compression belts permit a good regulation of the volume according to each content - the 5.0 cm wide waist strap is removable and variable adjustable. The handle is made of double-layered, fourfold-seamed Nylon. The following changes are made compaired to the former model:

  • INCREASED CARGO OPTIONS: A padded, zippered body panel for additional storage, optional frame sheet, SAPI / ballistic plates, or soft armor panels. (also makes a great admin pocket for Laptops & tablets as well) was added.
  • NEW DOUBLE-DOWN GRID-LOK PANEL: The combination of Velcro and modular accessory mounting system allows for attachment of additional cargo pouches & Velcro backed patches or name tapes.
  • FASTER-EASIER CARGO ACCESS: The zippered access points of the 3 main cargo compartments were repositioned to facilitate easier opening and closing while loaded as well as adding to the useable volume of each compartment.
  • BALANCED HYDRATION: The Hydration pocket is relocated to the mid-point of the pack (between main compartment and outer pockets) for greater comfort, better balance and easier insertion / removal of bladders.
  • FULL INSIDE VISIBILITY: Now the entire interior of the main cargo pocket is fully lined in our trademark High-Viz yellow for even better visibility and easier access to contents
  • OPTIMIZED STORAGE: The zipper on the main compartment is moved to an outer position to create a trap-door style pack for better cargo management.
  • INCREASED DURABILITY: A double-layer, monolithic pack body with fewer seams & stress points was added to increase overall strength & durability. PLUS, all attachment loops, drag handles and zippers are sewn completely through the pack's double layer body for maximum strength.


T.H.E. PACK UAP-Technical data:


Height: approx. 48.0 cm

Width: approx. 33.0 cm

Thickness above: approx. 23.0 cm

Thickness below: approx. 30.0 cm

Overall volume: approx. 41.6 l

Basic subject:

approx. 48.0 x 33.0 x 18.0 cm

Volume: approx. 28.3 l;

Outside pocket:

approx. 20.0 x 25.0 x 6.3 cm

Volume: approx. 4.0 l;

Lower Outside pocket:

approx. 25.0 x 30.0 x 9.0 cm

Volume: approx. 9.3 l


Included in delivery: 1 SPEC.-OPS. T.H.E. Pack UAP black (without content).-



1 - 1 of 4 results