Misch Metal Rod 1/2" x 4"

Misch Metal Rod 1/2" x 4"

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Misch Metal Rods 1/2" x 4":

This model of Misch Metal Rods does not create sparks such as the standard Rods do, but small molten globs of metal burning much stronger (about 3,000°C) and longer than a spark from the standard Rod.  

Flashpoint of Misch Metal is of approx. 150°C for small particles and of approx. 400°C for steel blades.-

Kindly note that Misch Metal Rods may break, but their function will not be impaired by.-

By not using the Misch Metal Rods for a longer duration they may also oxidize, but to avoid this they can be painted with e.g. nail varnish by which the function will be not impaired by, too.

Misch Metal Rods can be either used dry or wet.

Please be informed that we despatch the Misch Metal Rods without handle, as already shown in the figure.-


1/2“ (approx. 1.27 cm)


4“ (approx. 10.16cm)


Misch Metal


approx. 84 grams


Misch Metal: min. 76%


Fe: 18 - 21%

  Mg: 1,5 -2,5%

Included in delivery: 1 Misch Metal Rod 1/2“ x 4“, packed in Poly Bag.-

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