Microcord Needle 3,5" Stainless Steel

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Microcord needle for Paracord Type I made of stainless steel, straight with inner thread at the end and rounded tip; length ca. 8,9cm, diameter ca. 2,9mm.- Fits all cords with diameter from about 1,3mm to about 2mm.-

How To: Warm up the Paracord at one end (don't melt it to avoid the built-up of a crust) and twist into the thread of the Paracord needle.- Works without warming up as well, if the Paracord end doesn't have a crust, but the fit is tighter if warmed up...it's different if you want to use the needle to work with Micro 90 - as the diameter of Micro 90 is less than 1.3mm, you need to produce a built-up at the end, so you have to warm the end and bulge it, otherwise the Micro 90 has a poor hold....


Included in delivery: 1 Microcord needle 3,5" Stainless Steel, straight.-

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