Anza JWK-2-M

Anza JWK-2-M

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Anza JWK-2-M

Medium sized outdoor knife with a full tang forged of a 12” file and a hollow grinded clip-point blade of 10cms at a blade thickness of about 5.1mms; handle scales made of black/grey Micarta.- Typical file structure on the non-grinded knife areas is visible and tangible…

             The Anza JWK-2-M comes with an open brown leather sheath (suitable for belts up to 6,5cms width).-


Blade thickness of approx.  5.1mm;

Blade length of approx.  10cm,

Grinded of approx.  8.6cm;

Max. Blade width of approx.  2.8cm;

Overall length of approx.  20.2cm;

Weight of knife without sheath: approx.  188 grams;

Weight of knife with sheath: approx.  244 grams;  


Included in delivery: 1 Anza-Knife JWK-2-M as specified above with open mouth sheath, packed in Polybag.

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