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Acebeams UC15 - here the version in silver - is a keychain light which features 1 Cree-XP-L2 (or XHP-HD)LED + an additional Redlight-LED and a UV-LED.- The UC15 can be powered by either 2 AAA Alkaline/NiMH regular batteries or by 2 rechargeable 10440 batteries.- If the 10440 batteries are used, the UC15 reaches for a short time a maximum output of 1000 Lumens.- The switch of the UC15 serves as a low-battery-warning indicator, lighting green, red or flashing red depending on what kind of batteries are used (for details see below).-

                            Using the above pictured clip - which is included in delivery - the UC15 can be clipped onto a base-cap or a hat brim and can be used comparable to a head light.

                            As not only the main LED but the redlight-LED and the UV-LED as well are more powerful when 10440 batteries are used, we recommend using unprotected 10440 batteries (The UC15 shuts off if the battery voltage is below 2.7V, so unprotected batteries can be used) with button-top and a maximum length of 45mm (protected 10440 batteries which are often longer and flat top batteries as well won't work!) when you allready do have a charger for Li-Ion batteries.

                           Our picture of the UV-lighted 10-Euro bill (which is not included in delivery!) was taken using 10440 batteries.-



LED: 1x Cree XP-L2 /Nichia LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
LED: 1x Nichia NVSU276A 365nm
LED: 1x Cree XPE2-R2 630nm
Max Output: 1000 lumens by using 2x10440 batteries

Using 2x AAA Ni-MH:

Moon: 5 Lumen, 37 hours;
Low: 30 Lumen, 7.5 hours;
Mid:  60 Lumen, 4 hours;
High: 105 Lumen, 2 hours;
Turbo: 250 Lumen, 1.1hours;
Strobe: 250 Lumen;

Using 2x 10440 Li-Ion:

Moon: 5 Lumen, 46 hours;
Low: 140 Lumen, 2.4 hours;
Mid:  330 Lumen, 1.1 hours;
High: 600 - 200 Lumen, 4 min. + 30min.
Turbo: 1000 - 200 Lumen, 1 min. + 46 min.
Strobe: 1000 Lumen;

Working voltage: 0,9V - 4,2V

When using 10440 batteries, the batteries voltage will be inspected as below:

Indicator Lighting Green 3.3V >
Indicator Lighting Red 3.1-3.3V
Indicator Lighting Red&Flash < 3.1V
Turn off automatically < 2.7V

When using 2*AAA (Alkaline/Ni-MH)Batteries,the batteries voltage will be inspected as below:

Indicator Lighting Green 1.05V >
Indicator Lighting Red 1.05-0.95V
Indicator Lighting Red & Flash < 0.5V

Max Runtime: 37 hours
Max Beam Distance: 107M
Peak Beam Intensity: 2880CD
Impact Resistance: 1M
Water Resistance: IP54
Size: 66.10mm (Length) x 29mm (Width) x16.3mm (Thickness)
Weight: 39g (without battery)
Aircraft grade aluminum body structure
Premium Type III Hard Anodized Anti-abrasive finish
Stainless steel king ring connector
Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating


Included in delivery: 1 Acebeam UC15 Silver Keychain-light with clip and mounting wrench, boxed.-

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