Condor Camping Hatchet

Condor Camping Hatchet

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Condors 'Camping Hatchet' is a compact hatchet with an 1¼ lbs. head forged from 1060 High Carbon Steel.- It has a Hickory handle with a lanyard eyelet a total length of a little less than 36cm  and comes with a cutting guard made of dark brown welted leather.-




Over All Length: approx. 35.8cm
Head Size: approx. 13.3cm high
Blade width: approx.   7.6 cm
Steel: 1060 High Carbon Steel
Handle: Hickory
Sheath: welted leather
Weight: 788 grams
Axe head: 1¼lbs ~ 567 grams


Included in delivery: 1 Condor Camping Hatchet with leather cutting guard, bagged.



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