Lansky Willumsen Slip Joint Pack

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The Lansky Willumsen folder is a rugged folder with a close to 7cm long and 3.5mm thick blade made of 4440C-SS.- It features black Nylon handle scales with 2 finger grooves in the bottom of the handle providing a firm and secure grip.- The folder is designed by danish knifemaker Mikkel Willumsen, it features a 4-position pocket clip and a lanyard eyelet of 4mm in diameter.-

               Lansky calls the Willumsen-folder "world legal" which we can't confirm, but it is legal in Germany at least....

                The Lansky-Willumsen folder is here offered in a pack with Lanskys Blademedic sharpener, a small 2-stage outdoor knife sharpener where plain as well as serrated blades can be easily resharpened with outdoors.-


Sizes and weight Willumsen-folder:

Length closed: ~ 11.1cm,

Length opened: ~ 17.9cm,

Blade length: ~ 6.9cm,

Weight: ~ 168g.


Included in delivery: 1 Lansky Willumsen-folder with Blademedic-Sharpener, hang-packed.

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