Ka-Bar 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower

Ka-Bar 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower

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The BK7-knife shown on our size-comparison picture is not included in delivery!

Designed by International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame member KJ Jones, the ThunderHorse Thrower is the only throwing knife in the KA-BAR lineup.  Made in the USA with 1095 Cro-Van. It is a competition-size throwing knife which has not too much in common with the small throwing knifes you can get for less than 20.- Euros in a three piece set.-

                  The Thunderhorse Thrower is geared to the rules of AKTA (American Knife Throwers Alliance) which you can have a look at ⇒here, which specify for instance that competition throwing knifes should be between 9 and 16 inches in length ( approx. 22.8cm to 40.6cm ) and as large throwing knives are said to fly better (less turning) than small throwing knifes, the Thunderhorse Thrower is nearly 'sucking dry' the maximum allowed size.-

                  The thrower features a Clippoint-blade close to 24cm, it has a total length of 40.2 cm and a weigth of 560 grams.

Please note that this is for one knife which is unsharpened (as in throwing competitions the tip of the throwing knife is important not the knife edge) and it does not come with a sheath.




Weight: 560 grams


    Blade length ca. 23.8cm,

    Overall length ca. 40.2 cm

Shape: Clip Point

Handle Material: 1095 Cro-Van

HRC: 57-58

Steel: 1095 Cro-Van


Included in delivery: 1 KA-BAR 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower (without sheath or handle scales, unsharpened) boxed.-





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