ESEE Mess Tin Kit

ESEE Mess Tin Kit

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Kit Contents:
1 ea. PSKT Pocket Container
1 ea. Pencil
1 ea. Mini Pry bar
1 ea. Survival Saw Blade w/ Handle
1 ea. Original SAS Wire Saw
1 ea. Surgical Scalpel w/ Handle
1 ea. Button Compass
1 ea. Rescue Whistle
1 ea. P38 Can Opener
1 ea. Signal Mirror w/ Aiming Screen
1 ea. Ranger Fire Starting Flint
1 ea. Tinder Tabs
4 ea. Water Treatment Tablets
1 ea. Fresnel Lens Magnifier / Fire Starter
1 ea. Utility  Wire  
1 ea. MilSpec Cord
1 ea. AlokSak
1 ea. Personal Survival Fishing Kit 
1 ea. Disposable Handcuff Key
1 ea. 3/0 Nylon Suture -  Reverse Cutting Needl


The Mess Tin Kit is designed around quality tools used by our team members and wilderness survival students. Key components of the survival priorities are addressed, including water, fire, signaling, food gathering and navigation. The kit is small enough to stow in a daypack and carried every day. 


Kit Contents:

1 Large Mess Tin Pouch Olive Drab,

1 Ndur Survival Blanket,

1 Large Tin made from 1100 Aluminum, 

1 ESEE Candiru Knife, 

1 Pocket Map Card Set, 

1Survival Card Set, 

1 Victorinox Hiker Knife, 

1 flask of Potable Aqua Tablets, 

1 Suunto Compass, 

Kevlar Line (100′ Spool), 

1 Snare Wire, 

1 Basic Fishing Kit, 

1 package Tinder Quik Fire Tabs,

1 Rapid Rescue Whistle, 

1 roll of Emergency Duct Tape, 

1 Red Fresnel Lens, 

10‘ Orange Survey tape,

30’ Small Cordage, 

1 Pencil,

2 pc. of Brite Strike Lite, 

Waterproof Matches,

1 Emergency Signal Mirror, 

1 Large Fire Steel, 

Emergency Water Bags, 

Sewing Needles & Cordura Repair Patch.


Included in delivery: 1 ESEE Mess Tin Survival Kit as specified above, bagged.-

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