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Rexon's best kown and most versatile Multitool 'til now is the Storm S801 which we present here in it's updated 2020 version, the Storm S801S.- The Roxon Storm S801S features 16 tools as pictured above (click the picture to zoom in), where the 16th tools is the ruler shown on one of the other pictures.-

          The knife blade, the Phillips-screwdriver and for 2020 version the saw too can be locked.- The scissors can really be used (which is not self evident with some other Multitools) for what it's made, the Storm S801S is provided with the holster shown above and an additional Bit-Set.

          Compared to the previous version S801, the S801S is made of superior materials (now of 5Cr 15MoV stainless steel instead of 3Cr13MoV SS for the older version, therefore the Rochwell hardness increased to HRC 56-58 instead of formerly HRC 49-53), the knife blade is by 20% thicker and stronger, the saw can now be locked and the hook remover was exchanged for a threader.-

           Whether the threader is the most important update remains a matter of opinion, but it's the best way to discriminate between the old S801 (with hook remover) and the new S801S (with threader).-


The Roxon Storm S801S is well-egineered, it features a lot of usefull tools and has a very good value for the money.- The only thing we don't like is the packaging: The box is O.K., but the clear blister inside is too weak for the S801S and is a typical 'self-decomposer' - luckily the packaging isn't the most important thing for a Multitool...

(Roxon has answered our prayers - the packaging comes without the self decomposing blister now!)



Dimensions including glassbreaker ca.: 11.5 x 4.2 x 2cm,

weight (S801S only): 316 grams.


Included in delivery: 1pc. of Roxon Storm S801S Multitool wit holster and Bit-set, boxed.

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