Brunton Spiegelkompass TruArc 20 GLOW

Brunton Spiegelkompass TruArc 20 GLOW

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The Brunton Top-model TruArc 20 - this is the noctilucent 'GLOW'-version* - is a Mirror compass which allows like most other Brunton compasses a declination adjustement without the use of additional tools.- It includes a dual inclinometer function and features a rubber shock protection cover.-

*The compass buffers daylight and at night the luminous Azimuth, North pointing needle, Vial bottom, Arrow of direction and Sight keeps glowing for up to 8 hours. - Before use at night please let the compass "charge" at daylight.-

Dimensions (closed): 10.4cm x 6.4cm x 2.5cm,

Weight: About 102 grams

Included in delivery: 1 Brunton Mirror compass Truarc 20 with rubber impact protection cover & lanyard, blistered.



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