Brous Blades is a newcomer in the knives scene of the U.S.- Although still in his early 20’s, Brous began his efforts in knifemaking with the benefit of nearly 10 years of experience in CNC machining. His father owns a shop that specializes in the custom machining of high-precision components, mainly for the medical industry.

Jason spent a lot of time in his father’s shop while growing up, and by his mid teens was actively helping out with production. His skills and knowledge steadily increased and by the time he was 20 he was a seasoned and very competent machinist.

Today Brous Blades produces 2 differnt lines of knives.- The semi-custom knives are still manufactured by him in the USA whilst a less expensive line of his designs are produced in a convincing quality in Far East mainly in China.-

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Brous Blades Specter satin

Product no.: 3233

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Brous Blades Dynamic satin

Product no.: 3234

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Brous Blades Icon Blue

Product no.: 3698

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Brous Blades Reloader Aluminium Black

Product no.: 3699

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Brous Blades XR-1 satin

Product no.: 3700

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