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Cerax Combination Stone 1000/3000

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Cerax brand japanese wetstone with two different grits sharpening and finishing. The Cerax wetstones have a medium-hard bond and are suitable for high-alloy tool steels as well as for low-alloy carbon steels.-
   This is the version with base for easy usage and storing.

   A Nagura stone used for cleaning and unclogging the surface of the stone and for creating a fine polishing paste is included in delivery

 Cerax wetstones should be soaked in water for at least 10 minutes before use , but should not be stored in water permanently.

  • grits 1000 / 3000
  • incl. Nagura stone
  • Dimensions 183 x 63 x 28mm
  • abrasive white aluminium oxyde


Included in delivery: 1 Cerax combination wetstone including Nagura stone and instructions in German + English.-



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