Pouch f. ESEE-5 + ESEE-6 black

Pouch f. ESEE-5 + ESEE-6 black

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Black coloured Pouch for the models of the ESEE-5 and ESEE-6 series for assembling the MOLLE-Back.- The pouch can be either used with the corresponding sheath and without the MOLLE-Back, but the enclosed screws are cut in the length of using with the MOLLE-Back and should then be cut or replaced accordingly (e.g. by the enclosed screws of the MOLLE-Back).- For keep in safe custody of the small parts the corresponding can with hinged lid will be attached to the Pouch.


Dimensions: Pouch. : approx. 12.0 cm x 8.0 cm x 5.0 cm,

Can: approx. 9.5 cm x 6.0 cm x 2.0 cm

Weight including Can: approx. 99 g



Included in delivery: 1 Accessory-Pouch in black with can for the small parts and fastening material.-

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