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Viper Masai 4855 Cocobolo

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Vipers Masai-series consists of 2 hunting knives (V4850 and V4855) with blades of different lengths, offered with scales of different types of wood.- The Masais feature blades of W.No. 14116 stainless steel at a thickness of 3.8mm and in this version (V4855) of 15.1cm length.-

                   To protect the scales from being damaged they are about 1mm slimmer on the 3 exposed sides than the tang of the Masai knives, but as the tangs corners are rounded the knives still are very comfortable in your hand.- The sickle-shaped lanyard-eyelet in the pommel measures about 12mm x 3mm max., the Masai 4855 is shipped with a leather sheath with handle guard as pictured above, this is the version with scales made of Cocobolo wood.-


Blade Thickness: approx.  3.8mm

Blade Length: approx. 15.1cm

Overall length: approx.   26.5cm

Weight: approx. 168g

Blade Steel: W.No. 14116 stainless steel

HRC: 55 - 57

Handle material: Cocobolo


Included in delivery: 1 Viper Masai 4855 Cocobolo with leather sheath, packed in carton.-

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6 - 6 of 8 results